Profili per pavimenti in parquet a uso commerciale

L’impressione estetica di un pavimento in parquet è determinata in gran parte dai dettagli funzionali come i battiscopa, i profili e i paragradini.

PGWINCP Accessori per parquet 5-in-1 PGWINCP03203
Pergo 5-in-1 offers different moulding solutions for different parts of your floor, all wrapped up in one handy package. The mouldings match your floor perfectly in colour, as well as in texture, and the one-piece solutions give a seamless installation result. The surface is made of wear and scratch-resistant veneer. The core consists of HDF and the bottom rail is made of plastic. With the patented Incizo® solution, you easily cut the moulding to the shape you need. Knife is included. Suitable for flooring heights between 12.5 and 14 mm.
2150 x 54 x 17 mm